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Reviews of the Best Spikeless Golf Shoes Available Today

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This site is dedicated to articulating the best in the major brands of spikeless golf shoes.

As you dig into the information, you’ll understand cleat design as never before. You’ll be relieved at the functionality of a spikeless shoes if you have returned to the game skeptically, after a hiatus. You will not give up style, functionality or durability. Spikeless golf shoes are the way to go.

Spikeless shoes come in two flavors. True "spikeless" shoes are treaded shoes with no spikes at all, just raised rubber nubs and treading, with no moving parts. These are the shoes a doctor might recommend for someone who has joint torque issues.

The other flavor is plastic-spiked shoes.  These are not "spikeless" technically, but they are considered spikeless by courses. They feature five or six short spikes jutting from round disks which are screwed into the soles of the shoe. They grip better than the old metal spikes in my opinion. They also do not rust, and are easier to replace than metal spikes.

Gone for good are the click, click, clicks on the cart paths, the spike marks on the greens, and shredded carpets in locker rooms. Spikeless is dominant in the sport today. It took some time, but their creators have innovated their way to being a true replacement for the high functionality of metal-spiked cleats in golf shoes. For those who have not played for some time, the skepticism will melt away when they take up the game in their later years. Not only do they preserve the surfaces around them, spikeless golf shoes are stylish and extremely comfortable. 

Although sparse at first, all golf shoe manufacturers have jumped on the spikeless bandwagon. This site is for those who want to dig into the various brands and get a sense of which are offering the most innovative technology, comfort and style.

The biggest advantage of spikeless shoes is the variety of traction the golfer can summon in support of their game. With metal cleats, all golfers were in the same traction zone. But now, golf shoes can give as little or as much traction as the golfer may desire. For instance, if grandpa has just had hip-replacement surgery, his doctor might recommend playing golf. Now he can also recommend playing with low-traction spikeless shoes to reduce the torque on the newly replaced hip. 

The love handicap golfer can go spikeless as well and find a shoe with angle-cut spikes custom built for a long hitter with immense torque support. 

The big five are Nike, Bite, Calloway, Etonic, and Footjoy. FootJoy and Etonic are well known brands in the golfing world. They have dominated shelves in golf pro shops around the country for decades. Nike has risen in popularity with Tiger's sponsorship, and extreme attention to innovation, and now slips into their slot in the top five with ease. Bite would be considered the new-comer, but they are wildly popular at the moment. The top five brands have the largest selection, best quality, and more style innovation. Other brands which round out the golfing arena: Adidas, Puma, Costwold, and Ecco. 

Which ever spikeless variety you choose, you will enjoy the advantage of traction on wet, dewy days, and comfort. Part of that comfort also comes from waterproofing. In our opinion, waterproofing has increased in effectiveness as spikeless shoes have become ubiquitous. The old metal spikes were prone to leaking water in and through their mounts. With the rubber tread of spikeless shoes, the spikemount are integrated much more seamlessly into the sole mold. Thereby cutting down on sole-based water proofing issues.